Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hi! I totally forgot to tell you all something...

I got a brother - our first foster failure.
This is Wolfy and this is how you normally see him - up in everyone's business!

But here are some other shots:

He was an owner surrender at 4-5 months due to a surprise pregnancy. We were his foster family for a couple of weeks before we decided he didn't ever have to leave.

We've almost survived summer here in Texas and are ready for some colder weather like this!

Take care,
Niko & Wolfy

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Catch up

Hi, I'm Niko. Here is the quick story.

I was a very cute pup!
Niko 023

I wasn't responsible for the wiring in the background.

In no time, I found the pleasures of wrestling, water and mud!
Niko 042


iphone 10172009 038

Making friends...
iphone 10172009 100

iphone 10172009 202

I mean, I was just being an all around good husky!
iphone 10172009 128

Life was good until they found this

Which led to this (surgery at 1.5 years)

I spent almost 3 months in my kennel but now with one robo-hip,
I can now plan my next trip
iphone 10172009 210

And get back to the outdoors!

Cya later,

Monday, September 13, 2010