Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Catch up

Hi, I'm Niko. Here is the quick story.

I was a very cute pup!
Niko 023

I wasn't responsible for the wiring in the background.

In no time, I found the pleasures of wrestling, water and mud!
Niko 042


iphone 10172009 038

Making friends...
iphone 10172009 100

iphone 10172009 202

I mean, I was just being an all around good husky!
iphone 10172009 128

Life was good until they found this

Which led to this (surgery at 1.5 years)

I spent almost 3 months in my kennel but now with one robo-hip,
I can now plan my next trip
iphone 10172009 210

And get back to the outdoors!

Cya later,


  1. woo are a lucky pup Niko! Love the mud pics:) play bows,

    RA & Isis

  2. Holy crap! That was sure a bad hip! But, now you are bionic so are a Super Pup!!! You are a very lucky boy to have such caring family!

    Oh, and I absolutely LOVE the mud pics!!!

    Holly and Khady

  3. Well aren't YOU the cutest little rascal I ever did see! (ok added to my 2 cute rascals...)

    seriously for your MOM: thank you SO much for your comment about THR. it means the world to me. Mr. WD and I are likely going to have the THR. I'm not working here in Switzerland so I can deal with her recovery if we decide to do both hips it'd be even ok, because i'm here. it would be hard because they do them separatley but i would do it if we have to. i have to at least do a consult. the main reason i want to go forward is not so much the "normal life of running and playing" oh and the "pain free" stuff but the complications of other structural damage for NOT doing it (so herniated disk). I don't think i have the heart to deal with a dog who's back is herniated from something that actually could have been fixed. so i'm likely going to do it. thank you for opening my eyes on the post op though. i've heard various things about post op from 4-6 weeks to the 3-4 months like you have. so we'll have to see. thank you AGAIN for sharing. this is exactly what i needed to hear.
    hugs to your handsome muddy boy!

  4. Daniel: did Niko have Hip dysplasia in both hips? it looks like he had it in both hips and you only did THR on one hip? i hear many people do only one hip and are very happy with the result. i dont' think i've heard of 2 hips being done. but i'm curious, it looks like you had the RIGHT hip done which in the x-ray above is the one on the LEFT of the photo (it's hard to understand which is right and which is left). I'm assuming it's the one on the left since it looks like it's about to pop out!

    anyway, thank you for your comment last month. and sorry for calling you his "mom"... i was in such a hurry, i didn't read your name well. :)

  5. Ok - you were totally cute- and we are referring to your mud bath picture. For some reason, the hu-dad looked right at us when he saw that picture. Wow.

    So glad you are now a bionic dog!